What Does The Bible Say About...

Being a ‘Good’ Person

Many people today are like Nicodemus. They’re religious. They’re moral. They compare themselves to others and, as a result, feel pretty good. They reason, Somehow, ourloving, gracious, wonderful God will make it possible for all of us to end up in heaven. Yet this is absolutely false. The Lord Jesus said, “Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again”’


Sadly, one reason we ignore the subject is that we simply feel too satisfied here on earth. Maybe we think we have it pretty good, whether because of a loving family, a stable job, or a nice home. Surrounded by such comfort, it can seem hard to imagine an even better place.
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Temptation itself is not sin, but acting on our own against God’s Word is.

Our Use of Money

The important thing isn’t how much money we have but whether we’re using it as God commands. Acquiring more is never the way to achieve happiness and security. Yet as we obey the Lord’s instructions about finances, we’ll find the joy and contentment our hearts truly desire.

Body Piercings

Many of the young people in our society here in the USA are embracing a dangerous "little fox" or seemingly "little thing" that may seem harmless. The young people are saying that it is a "trendy" thing to do. Many of them are showing off multiple ear, nose, tongue, eyebrow and navel jewels and rings attached to their pierced flesh.


November 1st is perhaps the most perverse day in a long line of perverse days that run throughout the “so called” Christian calendar year. Celebrated as All Souls Day or All Saints Day by not only the Roman Catholic Church, but in fact by most churches, this celebration begins traditionally, on “the Hallowed Eve” or Halloween. Christianity has adopted this day into its calendar to honor the departed saints, but its earlier origins and the civil politics involved are well known and well documented.

Anointing Oil

According to the Bible, anointing oil is a symbol of being set apart by the Holy Spirit for special purpose in God’s Kingdom.


Prayer is communication with God. Because God is personal, all people can offer prayers. Because God is personal, all people can offer prayers. However, sinners who have not trusted Jesus Christ for their salvation remain alienated from God. So while unbelievers may pray, they do not have the basis for a rewarding fellowship with God. They have not met the conditions laid down in the Bible for effectiveness in prayer.

Women In Ministry

Do women have a place in ministry? If so, to what extent? Is there scriptural basis for a woman to be in any position of authority in the church? What does the Bible really say about this issue? To understand God's intentions, we must go back to the very beginning of creation to see His original purpose for both man and woman.


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