Anointing Oil



(Ps. 45:7, Heb. 1:9)


According to the Bible, anointing oil is a symbol of being set apart by the Holy Spirit for special purpose in God’s Kingdom.  Anointing oil is first mentioned in Gen. 28:18 and oil with fragrance in Ex. 30 to anoint the tabernacle, it’s vessels along with Aaron and his sons to make them sacred (set apart) for the exclusive use of God.  This setting apart is seen again when the Lord chose kings to rule over Israel.  Samuel consecrated both Saul ( I Sam. 10:1) and David ( I Sam 16:13) to the office of king by anointing them with oil.  Oil was used at various other times, but avoided in times of mourning (Dt. 28:40, Mi. 6:15)

Anointing symbolized empowerment by the Holy Spirit to fulfill a special appointment by God and reaches completeness in Jesus, the Messiah, or Anointed One, set apart to the office of the King and Priest to bring salvation to all people.

In the New Testament we are also shown to anoint the sick with oil and pray for their healing both by example (Lk. 10:34, Mk. 6:13) and by teaching in the Epistle of James (Jas. 5:14).  Many times believers use oil to signify any touch a person may need from the Holy Spirit in their lives or in any area where holiness is needed.

For instance, a person may be anointed when a special call is discerned or a place anointed when moving into a new home or office.  It is a symbolic act of faith in which we confess our weakness and call upon the Holy Spirit to meet our needs.


The anointing of family, friends and strangers is both a blessing to the one being anointed and the one anointing.  The oil is customarily placed on the fingers then “rubbed” into the head of the one receiving the prayer (anoint means “to rub or smear”).  In the New Testament, a custom grew to anoint the forehead in the sign of the cross, however any method is acceptable.

 The following are examples of blessings to enrich yourself and others:

       May God bless my child/children and keep them from all spiritual harm.

·      May God bless you and may the Holy Spirit bestow upon you His gifts in abundance.

·      May God bless my spouse and fill our marriage with love, understanding and patience.

·      May God bless you and may the blood of Jesus Christ protect you from Satan’s curses and from   earthly enemies.

·       May the Lord bless you and all those who dwell in this home, and may the Holy Spirit use all family members for the work of the Kingdom of God.

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