The Mission of King of Kings Bible Church

Our responsibility at King of Kings Bible Church goes beyond a simple presentation of the Gospel; we take the next step by helping believers grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. And we can do that only if we ourselves are growing in Him.

We are not merely Christians, because the word Christian means so many things these days. We are 'followers of Jesus Christ,' because that can only mean one thing; Disciples!

As Disciples, our love for Christ surpasses our attachment to the things of this world. To follow Jesus completely, we must place him above every other priority.

As Disciples of Jesus Christ, we have a specific call upon our lives. God has chosen a unique path for our vocation and our personal lives. We have a responsibility to answer that call by obediently following Him, no matter the consequences. We are commanded to share the Gospel message and make Disciples of all nations.

As Disciples, we are a people who have received Jesus Christ as Savior, yielded to Him as Lord and appropriated His Word as the guide for our lives. We are believers who so hunger and thirst after God that we apply what we hear and eagerly share the Good News of the Gospel.

We are fit to be Jesus’ disciples only when our love for Him surpasses our attachment to the most precious things in our life and we obey Him even at the cost of being misunderstood.

Jesus Christ above everybody else and everything else, no matter what.


Sunday Worship Service
10:00 am

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Please call for schedule and location


The Wyndham Wingate Hotel 14700 SW Hwy 121 Access Road at Independence
Frisco, Texas 75035